DirecText™ is a real-time Direct Secure Messaging app available for download on iOS, Android, and desktop clients. The user friendly app extends the interoperability and the security and trust framework of the Direct Protocol to mobile devices enabling real-time care coordination among providers, or chronic disease and prescription compliance management with patients – all leading to reduced readmissions. It can be used for intra-office messaging as well to replace noisy overhead paging or wasteful paper memos.

Inherent to DirecText™ are all the benefits of the Direct Protocol. The app operates within Direct’s secure, spam-proof, and spoof-proof network with federated interoperability where all users are identity proofed to the same standard.

DirecText™ even supports multimedia messaging for secure exchange of picture and audio files. MaxMD has already incorporated a telemedicine linking capability to enable seamless interface with leading telemedicine services providing single source multimedia capabilities without having to switch applications.

MaxMD leads the Direct Texting workgroup, pioneering creative solutions to maximize the Use Cases of Direct Secure Messaging for comprehensive coordination capabilities on all devices. By leveraging familiar texting technology native to preferred devices in BYOD environments, DirecText™ can be an easy transition to secure, scalable, and quick care coordination.