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Ask MaxMD: What is the correct Direct address to use when sending a patient’s PCP an ADT notification?

04/15/2021 by MaxMD

What is the correct Direct address to use when sending a patient’s PCP an ADT notification? 

What a great question! Many organizations are getting ready to meet new CMS conditions of participation and they want to fulfill this requirement by sending these notifications via Direct to a patient’s PCP. But how do you know the right Direct address to use? 

One option is to search the DirectTrust directory using the provider’s NPI number to determine that provider’s Direct address.  Unfortunately, some provider’s don’t publish their Direct addresses in the DirectTrust directory, others have multiple Direct addresses in the directory, so the search doesn’t always produce a definitive answer. 

Luckily, the NPPES database now offers a viable solution. Providers can register their preferred “digital endpoint” for receiving notifications and other information that helps them coordinate care.  

Why should I add my digital endpoints in NPPES? 

Here are three good reasons for adding digital endpoints with the appropriate endpoint type and endpoint use information: 

  1. It helps other care organizations find the right digital endpoint to use when sharing different types of information with you.  

  1. It has the potential to reduce the delivery of messages to your personal Direct address. Routing specific types of messages to a dedicated digital endpoint enables information to flow to the right address. 

  1. The most important reason to add your digital endpoints in the NPPES is to meet new conditions of participation for CMS. Failure to enter this information could constitute information blocking, a major focal point of the  21st Century Cures Act Final Rule. Starting on July 1, 2021, providers who have not entered digital endpoint information into the NPPES may be publicly reported as noncompliant. Click here to learn more from CMS.

Click here for MaxMD's step-by-step instructions on how to register your preferred “digital endpoint” for receiving notifications.