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Solutions to Expand Your Clinical Data Sharing Capabilities

Direct Secure Messaging

For secure data transport, MaxMD leverages the Direct Protocol to provide highly scalable non-persistent connectivity.

The protocol meets government incentives while also improving patient care through better care coordination and information sharing.

Event Notification

The customized event notification engine automates push-based information flows and eases interoperability throughout a care community.

It delivers the right information to the right person at the right time.

CIE Web App

The Clinical Information Exchange web app is a lightweight and flexible tool designed to enhance care coordination, transitions of care, and event notifications. Smart dashboards present information at a glance for greater operational efficiency and enhanced workflows.

Clinical Gateway

MaxMD Clinical Gateway is a modern data exchange enabler, deployed privately by organizations to automate the flow of health information. The system controls and manages exchange and reuse of clinical health information.

Consumer Mobile App

The MaxMD mobile app is a patient-facing application available for Android and iOS devices to maximize communication efficiency.

It provides a secure bidirectional communication channel for any type of information that needs to be shared between payers, providers, and patients.

MaxMD is an EHNAC accredited Health Information Service Provider (HISP), Registration Authority (RA) and Certificate Authority (CA) providing a suite of HIPAA-compliant interoperability solutions to healthcare organizations of all types.

Trust & Security

One of the first organizations to earn these Accreditations, MaxMD has an exceptionally strong physical, technical, and operational security environment. Our culture of regulatory compliance has been promoted internally and to our clients for as long as we have been in operation.


Healthcare Industry Recognition

MaxMD builds standards-based, scalable interoperability solutions. Our approach promotes data liquidity and accelerates interoperability by combining the power of available standards with the creativity of entrepreneurial innovation.