• Liberate legacy system data for exchange
  • Share information more effectively across disparate systems
  • Support clinical information reuse strategies
  • Transform data into requisite formats
  • Automate more efficient workflows

MaxIntegration™ is an innovative, scalable and customizable tool that provides a solution to the unique data and interoperability challenges facing providers today. There simply is no better way to maximize the value of using Direct Secure Messaging.

MaxIntegration™ is a transformation engine running on top of MaxMD's EHNAC/DirectTrust accredited HISP. It leverages data standards to reformat message payloads in transit based on client requirements.

Sharing clinical data among disparate systems can be a complex challenge. MaxIntegration™ transforms messages from virtually any source into the recipient's required format in real-time. These data translation capabilities augment the scalability of Direct Secure Messaging.

Common uses:

Transform non-standard data into standard formats

Transform non-standard data formats into standard C-CDA documents for consumption by ONC Certified EHR systems

Transform standardized data into human readable information

Transform standard C-CDA documents into human readable pdf or html files for systems that don't process structured documents

Perform data processing on message content

Operate on structured data to trigger processing workflows, apply custom filters, or apply validation rules