Clinical Information Exchange (CIE) Portal


  • Leverage existing standards to rapidly deploy new capabilities that support better patient care
  • Improve follow-up for patients recently admitted to or discharged from the hospital or Emergency Department
  • Simplify communication across a patient's care team
  • Reduce the administrative burden of tracking a patient's status through an episode of care
  • Generate subscription requests to initiate the flow of notifications for patients under your care


  • ADT Notification Viewer
  • Notifications Dashboard

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the Admit Discharge Transfer event notification use case.

An option for Primary and Post-acute care practices who don't currently have a Direct address. Or those whose existing EHR integration for Direct messaging doesn't support this new information exchange requirement.

Proactively share the digital endpoint your practice prefers to use for receiving ADT notifications via Direct.

Receive ADT notification via Direct Secure Messaging

Use proven, existing standards to rapidly deploy new capabilities to receive admission, transfer and discharge notifications from any Direct-enabled hospital or HIE.

Initiate Patient Outreach

Use real-time notification to improve patient care by knowing the right time to initiate follow-up visits that can improve outcomes, reduce risks of readmissions, and maximize reimbursments.

Manage Notification Subscriptions

Generate subscription requests for notifications associated with patient's receiving care at your practice.

Dashboard for improved transparency for received digital notifications

Greater visibility into ADTs organized by patient, by time of event, or by status within the episode of care.