Hospital and Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)

Is this you?

You’ve recognized the cost and technology challenges with…

  • development and support of internal HIE, HL7 interfaces;
  • giving patients access to health records;
  • managing many end points and struggle with how to deliver data for aggregation;
  • managing ADT feeds, registries, outpatient systems, and security;

You’ve already invested in multiple technology platforms, EHRs and edge systems but you’ve seen changes in the industry, and you’re just trying to prioritize and stay current with new technology, new analytic platforms, and new needs for real-time data.

You’re wondering how to pull it all together while maintaining your technology budget.

You need a cost effective way to rapidly meet CMS conditions of participation requirements to send notifications about patient admissions and discharges.

You’re concerned about how you will address mandates to provide patient’s with access to their health records from an app of their choice and seeking ways to preserve prior investments in your patient portal solution.

We can help!

Clinical Gateway addresses the increased demand for timely access to relevant clinical data by leveraging established and emerging interoperability standards so that you have bi-directional exchange to maximize data liquidity, augment existing workflows, and enhance investments in existing technology infrastructure.

MaxAlerts™ Event Notification provides timely outbound admission and discharge notification for your patients so that you have better care coordination.

Clinical Information Exchange web app is a full-featured clinical message integration hub that converts outgoing and incoming information into the organization's preferred data format that is more valuable and useful. It supports subscription services for care team members who want to subscribe to automatically receive patient notifications. It provides a centralized dashboard to transparently view and efficiently control digital information exchange coming in and going out of your organization.

The patient-facing MaxMD app integrates with the Clinical Gateway and Clinical Information Exchange web app to maximize communication efficiency with patients. It offers a secure bi-directional communication channel for any type of information that needs to be shared with patients, such as health records, consent forms, surveys, and assessments.

The MaxMD app augments an existing patient portal. It allows patients to access their health records more conveniently, receive reminders, and send messages so they can communicate in a way they prefer – via text messaging or mobile app - similar to what they already do in other consumer related activities.