MaxMD App

To begin using the MaxMD app please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the registration workflow HERE to create a Direct Address and password for yourself
  2. Search “MaxMD” and download the MaxMD app from your app store
  3. Login to the MaxMD app using the Direct Address and password created in step 1

The MaxMD mobile app is a patient-facing application available for Android and iOS devices to maximize communication efficiency. It provides a personal user interface that creates a secure bidirectional communication channel for any type of information that needs to be shared between payers, providers, and patients. It supports consumer-directed exchange with both query and push capabilities.

Combining FHIR and Direct exchange, the MaxMD mobile app gives patients unprecedented visibility and control for their health information. Sponsoring organizations such as health plans, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and accountable care organization (ACOs) can improve care coordination by engaging patients with alerts, medication reminders, structured surveys, and educational instructions. Its familiar interface includes the following features:

  • Profile: This is not your typical mobile app user profile. By leveraging the DirectTrust, patients are entering a network built on trust-in-identity where all participants have met federated identity proofing standards. All users are assured of the identity of their counterparties and vice versa.
  • Care Team & Organizations: A user’s care team is split into two groups: organizations and care team members. Organizations represent entities with FHIR enabled EHRs that App users will be able to query for clinical information upon authentication. Care team members represent any individual possessing a Direct Address with whom a user will be able to securely exchange with inside the DirecText module. The App user is unburdened of knowing a specific FHIR endpoint or Direct Address; it behaves simply as an address book with familiar names of organizations and providers. Sponsoring organizations can pre-load custom address books for their users.
  • Record Retrieval: This module enables users to query for FHIR resources and C-CDA payloads from any FHIR enabled endpoint which they can authenticate to. Once authenticated, the user can apply various filters to find exactly the clinical information they are looking for. The user can choose from a list of Data points which represent FHIR resources from the EHR or from a list of Documents, representing various C-CDA types. MaxMD is also a CMS Blue Button 2.0 approved vendor enabling MaxMD App users to be able to query their Explanation of Benefits information from their insurance carriers. No longer do patients have to navigate various portals to access information distributed across various providers. The MaxMD App gives patients the tools to consolidate their clinical Data and Documents from different systems and organizations through a single, consistent interface.
  • Record Archive: A user’s record archive contains all Data and Documents they query for in the New Record Retrieval module and those they receive through the DirecText module. The record archive automatically organizes a user’s Data and Documents by organization so they can logically navigate their clinical information. All Data and Documents are human readable in friendly and customizable stylesheets.
  • DirecText: DirecText combines both SMTP and XMPP protocols for Direct exchange into a recognizable texting-like interface. It provides the user full-featured access to the trusted, scalable, payload-agnostic, bi-directional channel supported by the DirectTrust. This empowers patients to participate in their own care coordination with any counterparty that has a Direct Address. DirecText supports exchange of audio, photo, video attachments captured from their mobile phone, plus cloud-based files, and any Data or Documents from the users Record Archive. Patients can leverage the Blue Button standard and push themselves data and documents from supported patient portals. Sponsoring organizations can securely push medication reminders, structured forms for population health insights, or clinical documents from their EHR which also get routed the users Record Archive.

To learn more, download the MaxMD App fact sheet here.

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