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Is this you?

You’re in a crunch to lower the cost of care while improving care outcomes and patient experience.

You’re looking for ways to reduce administrative burdens, but at the same time you need access to more information so you can better coordinate care and improve care delivery.

Like us, you’ve seen gaps in care increase Medicaid cost and decrease reimbursement due to non-compliance.

You’re already dealing with multiple platforms used by different care organizations and data silos that are hard to access and difficult to integrate.

You’ve recognized that achieving interoperable information is a daunting task impacting payers, providers, and patients.

You want a system that connects care team members with patients and helps to automate care delivery processes.

You’re wondering if there is a solution that will allow information to flow within the healthcare ecosystem and help incorporate social determinants (SoDH) of health in the coordination of care.

We Can Help

The customizable event notification engine MaxAlerts™ Event Notification helps you automate push-based information flows and ease interoperability throughout a care community. It alerts ACO’s and other members of the care team about health events so that actions can be taken to facilitate better patient care and reduce costs.

The MaxMD App helps you to share information bidirectionally with patients so that you can engage them in their care, improving health outcomes with features such medication reminders, structured surveys, and educational instructions.