MaxAlerts™ Event Notification Service

MaxAlerts™ is an intelligent Event Notification Service leveraging customizable rule sets and real-time delivery of clinical data via the Direct Protocol. Each admission, discharge, or transfer (ADT) event from a participating ACO or IDN, or the delivery of a transition of care, triggers delivery of actionable alerts and patient records to the right care coordinators.

MaxAlerts™ moves interoperability beyond facilitating simple communication. The automated delivery of clinical data helps care coordinators manage medium to high risk patients. Pushing data in real-time empowers proactive engagement with patients and helps minimize preventable readmissions. The flexible rules-based engine automates unique workflows and eases interoperability across the care ecosystem – delivering the right information to the right caregiver at the right time.

By leveraging non-persistent connections and a secure push modality MaxAlerts™ mimics many of the traditional functions of an HIE but without the overhead of building and maintaining one-to-one interfaces.