• Creates unalterable documents and forms with legally enforceable digital signatures
  • Digitally signs pdf, CDA, and other file formats
  • Integrates into existing workflows
  • Supports single-signer, multi-signer and point-of-sale workflows
  • Captures structured data during the signature process to be consumed or shared with other systems
  • Ensures document and signature authenticity
  • Preserves data provenance
  • Meets regulation for digital signature technology

MaxSignatures offers easy workflow integration, strong signer authentication and unalterable document integrity. Your signature will immediately be invalidated if any part of the document is changed.

MaxSignatures also supports digital signing of CDA documents to protect and preserve the clinical content of the document and the provenance of the data.

PKI Technology

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encompasses different components that include a Certificate Authority, end-user enrollment software, and tools for managing, renewing, and revoking keys and certificates. MaxSignatures uses PKI technology to turn your document into a message digest which accounts for every bit and byte of the document. Your signature and a digital certificate is embedded into the message digest as an integral part of the document.

Secure Cascading

If a signing counterparty doesn't have a Direct address, your document can be sent to any email address via an encrypted email. This option provides a bridging strategy for communicating with an organization or individual that has not yet implemented Direct.