MaxMD is a leader in secure healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions. As one of the first companies in the country to achieve full accreditation through the Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) developed by DirectTrust.org and the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), MaxMD operates as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP), Certificate Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA). DTAAP recognizes excellence in healthcare data processing and transactions, and ensures compliance with industry-established standards, HIPAA regulations, and the Direct Secure Messaging Protocol.

MaxMD is committed to providing secure communications solutions that enable superior coordinated care for healthcare practices, organizations, hospital systems and HIT application service providers. All MaxMD products are designed for effective care coordination through scalable and sustainable data sharing between disparate system and separate legal entities.

A respected contributor to numerous ONC and DirectTrust.org work groups, MaxMD has been at the forefront of establishing the national standards for Direct since 2010. MaxMD is the preferred HISP to the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI), the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority, and the Tennessee Regional Extension Center (tnREC). MaxMD is also the sole HISP provider to the Regional Extension Center of New Jersey (NJHITEC), and is certified as a state Health Data Intermediary (HDI) by the Minnesota Department of Health.

For ambulatory EHR vendors requiring a compliant mail capability and pursuing certification for Meaningful Use purposes, Hosted Direct mdEmail® is 2015 ONC Certified HIT by Drummond Group for:

  • 170.315 (d)(1): Authentication, Access Control, Authorization
  • 170.315 (d)(2): Auditable Events and Tamper-Resistance
  • 170.315 (d)(3): Audit Report(s)
  • 170.315 (g)(4): Quality Management System
  • 170.315 (g)(5): Accessibility-Centered Design
  • 170.315 (h)(2): Direct Project, Edge Protocol, and XDR/XDM
  • Hosted Direct mdEmail® is 2014 ONC Certified HIT by Drummond Group for:

  • 170.314 (b)(2): Transitions of care-create and transmit transition of care/referral summaries
  • 170.314 (g)(1): Automated numerator recording
  • 170.314 (g)(4): Quality management system
  • 170.314 (h)(1): Optional - Transmit - Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport
  • 170.314 (h)(2): Optional - Transmit - Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport and XDR/XDM for Direct Messaging
  • 170.314 (h)(3): Optional - Transmit - SOAP Transport and Security Specification and XDR/XDM for Direct Messaging
  • Direct Leadership