How We Work - COHiESION Approach

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COHiESION isn’t a product, it’s an approach! The COHiESION solution suite is a set of standardized health information technology modules that provide interoperability capabilities we mix-and-match to deploy all types of interoperability solutions. From basic data exchange functions, like Direct secure messaging, to more complex functions that support interoperation of disparate systems to automate complex workflows and streamline information-intensive processes.

Since 2009, MaxMD has been following the guiding principles set forth by the Office of the National Coordinator. We build technology that innovates on top of national standards established to accelerate the flow of information in healthcare to improve the outcomes achieved for health and care the US. MaxMD views standardization as a catalyst that accelerates innovation and differentiation, not something that limits creativity.

1. Discover Requirements

Review clients needs and objectives. This could be as straightforward as a simple phone conversation or as sophisticated as a multi-part workshop.

2. Establish Shared Vision

Determine which current and emerging standards are applicable.

3. Engage Partners

Engage a broad portfolio of partners for services that augment our technology solutions, if needed.

4. Collaborate on Implementation

Execute and deploy your project supported by MaxMD project managers, engineers, and informatics and standards experts.

5. Deliver Valuable Results

Implement solutions that deliver data interoperability to improve health for all constituencies and eliminate healthcare disparities.

MaxMD's proven solution development methodology enables our clients to participate in the process to establish the product vision and define & design the product specification.

Implementing a MaxMD interoperability solution is a collaborative experience. We iteratively develop & deliver value over the life of our solutions. From deployment to evolution, we partner with your organization to maximize the benefits interoperability brings to your business.