MaxMD Innovation: Leverage Established and Emerging Standards To Share Clinical Data

Capabilities Overview: about MaxMD's powerful, versatile, lightweight approach to health information exchange

Read this document to:
  • Understand MaxMD's perspective about the need for high-quality, timely clinical data
  • Learn key facts about different current exchange standards
  • See how providers, payers, and registries can maximize the value created by exchanging quality clinical data
  • Discover how MaxMD's modular data interoperability capabilities will help your organization acquire and manage the clinical data it needs

MaxMD App: Delivering on the Patient’s Right to Their Medical Records and Promoting a Modern Health App Economy

View this document to:
  • Learn about how MaxMD leverages multiple interoperability standards
  • Discover MaxMD App modules and capabilities
  • View key facts, use cases, and benefits

Better Care Coordination: An Event Notification Success Story

Success Story: how a county in Minnesota leveraged a powerful, versatile, lightweight approach to automated event notification

View this success story to:
  • Gather why the project is featured on the ONC Interoperability Proving Ground
  • See how to deploy standards-based event notifications were deployed across various healthcare entities possessing an array of health IT applications, if at all
  • Learn how the solution improved care coordination for a small fraction of SIM grant funding
  • Learn about “Community of Practice” methodology

MaxMD Enhanced HISP Capabilities: Interoperability Product Suite Overview

Product Suite Overview: how the MaxMD HISP enables scalable, cost-efficient interoperability across the healthcare IT ecosystem

View this document to:
  • Learn about MaxMD’s unique approach to health information exchange
  • See how MaxMD bridges disparate systems including inpatient EHRs, specialty EHRs, registries, lab systems, and various HIT applications
  • Learn how MaxMD incorporates tools such as Natural Language Processing, an Integration Engine, Rules Engine, Event Notification Services, Digital Signatures and more
  • Review practical, live use cases and interoperability successes
  • Learn key facts and advantages of the Direct Protocol

A Comprehensive Overview of Direct Exchange

Video: how MaxMD leverages a unique combination of tools to develop a scalable and sustainable approach to health information exchange

Watch this video to:
  • Compare and contrast MaxMD’s approach to interoperability vs the status quo
  • Learn the how MaxMD re-imagines the role of a Health Information Service Provider (HISP)
  • See illustrations of unique data flow diagrams for various use cases
  • Learn how to improve data liquidity no matter the endpoint or application

Direct Plus FHIR API

Video: how to leverage to two different technical protocols to increase interoperability and scale exchange of ePHI

Watch this video to:
  • See how to query and pull medical records by sending a Direct Message
  • See the data flow illustrated from an edge client to a FHIR-enabled EHR
  • Learn how patients can retrieve their records through an API and support eligible participants pursuit of MU3

An Introduction to Direct Exchange

Video: why the Direct Protocol is the most scalable and efficient modality for health information exchange

Watch this video to:
  • See how Direct Exchange eliminates expensive, point-to-point persistent interfaces
  • Learn the benefits of leveraging trust-in-identity plus powerful payload-agnostic channel
  • See how combinations of tools can be introduced to supplement basic Direct Secure Messaging