Direct Exchange

Direct Secure Messaging is a means for secure health information exchange within a trusted network. It is a scalable, interoperable, and easy-to-use technical standard announced by the ONC in 2010 as part of the Nationwide Health Information Network. The Direct Protocol enables participants to send authenticated, encrypted health information only to known and trusted recipients, creating an improved coordination of care amongst organizations, providers and patients. hisp workflow

Leveraging its foundation of trust-in-identity, the interoperability of Direct Secure Messaging allows disparate systems to exchange through bi-directional channels both structured and unstructured data. The network is spam-proof and spoof-proof, ensuring the identity of those coordinating care.

With Direct Secure Messaging, MaxMD secures your data using the standards of push technology, plus PKI for encryption and decryption. Direct Exchange does not require invitations behind firewalls, nor does it create a bulky repository of aggregated healthcare information that may be easily targeted.

Ultimately, Direct Exchange gives you the freedom and peace-of-mind to be in charge of your data and how it will be shared – in a scalable manner.