MaxMD is an experienced team of industry veterans and creative engineers determined to develop superior interoperability solutions for our customers.

Through thousands of implementations and helpful feedback, we have refined our implementation process to one of the fastest in the industry.

Integrating with an inpatient EHR for our Encryption as a Service (EaaS®) configuration has a typical timeline of 10 days or less. Our fastest rollout was less than 2 hours! Since the process takes advantage of standard edge protocols, timelines are most often dependent on coordinating schedules between our clients, their EHR representatives, and our team.

Implementation for our standalone Hosted Direct mdEmail® Version 3.0 product, the ideal choice for individual providers and small clinics, is usually complete within 24 hours of procurement.

Regardless of which configuration you choose to implement, you will receive a product-specific MaxMD Implementation Checklist and support from our dedicated representatives throughout the entire process. To begin your implementation, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

To build the foundation of trust-in-identity, each user of Direct is required by policy to be identity proofed. This prevents any spamming or spoofing in communication and will ensure the identity of any Direct counterparty. MaxMD’s ID Credential application can be completed securely online in minutes and meets the standard for NIST LOA 3 vetting.